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The InterPoynt cloud based Billing, Invoicing, and Payments (BIP) Platform provides robust functionality and security for all your BIP needs. From simple “Click to pay” or “View and Pay”, to mobile payments, to highly configurable convenience fee and merchant funded BIP needs, InterPoynt is the solution to help every business from SMEs up to Fortune 100 Clients, Bill Better so you can Collect Faster!

Our BIP Platform is integrated with the top global payment processors and provides our resellers and referral partners a BIP offering that is easily integrated into existing application with virtually no coding effort from the client.

InterPoynt is a BPaaS (Business Process as a Service) and allows for low cost of entry for Governments, Businesses, and Application Providers to have a fully secure offering with minimal integration while having the robust feature set that BPaaS provides.

Since the InterPoynt BIP Platform runs in the cloud, fully redundant and secure, our clients benefit from experience and performance of a fully PCI Compliant platform with tokenization and secure algorithmic encoding of data.

InterPoynt is integrated with all the major payment processors so using InterPoynt is a breeze, call us with your merchant account or we’ll recommend one and have you on the InterPoynt BIP Platform processing payments and invoices in no time flat and it’s fully integrated into your web site/application.

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A BPaaS Platform to Bill Better + Collect Faster