Inter Poynt LLC

About Us

Welcome to InterPoynt. InterPoynt is a highly configurable versatile electronic Billing, Invoicing, and Payments (eBIP) Platform with its headquarters in Atlanta, GA
Founded by a successful entrepreneur, and former Army Major with the experience of rolling out large scale robust platforms, InterPoynt has developed an experienced financial transaction Executive Team with a focus on customers and their eBIP needs.

In 1998, FirstView’s founder, Joe Meyer, co-founded the payroll Debit Card industry by creating the first FDIC-insured payroll Debit card account, serving the unbanked and underbanked, all the while innovating new product ideas and developing the foundation of what has become a multi-billion dollar industry.


InterPoynt has seen significant growth in clients, transactions, and volume of dollars processed. In 2010, FirstView/FirstPoynt processed just under $1 Billion through the system for both B2B and B2C clients and we expect a dramatic increase from that volume in 2011. We operate in several specific industries – B2B/B2C, Government, Utilities, Insurance, Health Care and Financial Services.

InterPoynt offers both web-based and phone-based electronic bill payment processing services via Web/Internet, Pay by Phone(IVR), Pay by CSR-assisted, and Walk-In/Over the Counter for ACH and Credit/Debit Card payments. The FirstPoynt system also allows clients record and store information related to transactions involving Cash, Certified Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers and Credit Memo payments for one single repository for all payment activity. Our flexible yet robust system has allowed us to implement clients in weeks rather than months and our ability to easily integrate using our mapping tool, MapPoynt has minimized project time, costs and expenses associated with projects, and time to market.

InterPoynt offers both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable solutions to move client’s money electronically. Our core function allows your customers who you invoice on a regular basis to use a web or phone solution to make ACH or Credit/Debit Card payments to settle outstanding debt or amounts owed to an organization systemically and efficiently. InterPoynt can process in real-time or batch mode for both settlement and remittance data which allows flexible integration to your existing back office systems based on preferences and how you do business today with improvement through our robust system. The system is available 24/7 and allows for real-time updates to the system so available data and reports availability can give you a snapshot of your payment activity immediately.