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Client Comments

Client Comments Health Care Provider:

One of our biggest ROIs came from our ability to create recurring transactions for quarterly and yearly frequencies as this function had to be supported manually (rekeyed each recurrence) and also meant PCI data had to be secured, so an internal space was secured with both restricted badge access and camera monitoring to file and store this data, a stand along PC was connected to a secure server and one of our employees would manually process those payments our old technology could not support.
Now, September and October, (just the first two months of our peak season) our clients have established Thousands of new monthly recurring Payments over 100,000 new annual payments, representing 105,259 payments that are automatically handled representing almost of in revenue.
Again, our best ROI is the fact that our staff no longer send bills to those customers that previously would enroll online, but not have a vehicle to make or maintain payment accounts. Now these accounts are set-up online mostly by our client and less frequently by our CSRs. For these customer we no longer open their mail to distribute the payments and for we no longer have process these payments manually, from the time the payment is pulled through the FirstPoynt tool all way through to when the payment is posted into our billing system this work was streamlined and automated.
Additionally, we were collecting electronic payment files from a couple of our distribution channels that we had to pretest with the bank and then process as ACH, with the distribution channel establishing an API connection to you, we no longer have to support those manual processes, and we now deposit these funds daily verses holding them for weekly processing. Just the improved cash flow from the elimination of the pretest in week one and the deposit in week represents a significant savings.

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company:

Our ROI has been significant just by the amount of labor we are saving due to the ease and flexibility of FirstPoint.

Consumer Finance Company:

We are now able to post automatically instead of manual work and the emails that go out to inform our customers of their payments in case they have any questions.

Some other comments from our clients:

The FirstPoynt platform gives me the flexibility to change our invoices on the fly and without having to go to our Oracle shop to make changes… very user friendly and saves me over $100,000 per year. Dan D (Fortune 100 Client)

The staff at InterPoynt is extremely responsive and fun to work with. They help us launch solutions and help us to manage it ourselves, on the fly.

We needed a robust recurring billing solution for our insurance company, now other sister entities are asking how they can implement and use the InterPoynt Application.

As a Governmental agency we needed both convenience fee and non convenience fee solutions on one platform with tremendous flexibility, InterPoynt delivered and now we collect much faster from our clients

Our sales people are so much more comfortable selling the InterPoynt’s Billing, Invoice, and Payments Gateway because when the client asks if the system has a certain feature or functionality the sales person can say YES with confidence.

I wish all Billing Invoicing and Payment Gateways with this robust and simple… and able to settle in a way that makes our Controller happy.