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Giving your clients a chance to receive their insurance invoices electronically is critical in today’s customer service focused world. Allow scheduled payments via single sign on or individual sign on is simple with InterPoynts eBIP Platform.


In today’s world, Municipalities and Governments of all size want to cut costs while delivering a higher level of service to their constituents. Delivering bills and invoices and statements of all types electronically is critical in today’s customer service focused world and saves significant money. Allowing scheduled tax payments, utility payments whether in person or via mobile or the web is expected from your constituents. InterPoynts eBIP Platform has robust scale and flexibility with its hierarchical system to allow a wide variation of payment strategies from Convenience fees payments for utility bills and taxes to merchant funded approach for fines and permits.


The old days of having different disparate systems for utility companies are over. With the InterPoynt eBIP Platform, integrating electronic invoices and payments are all on one platform. Providing a variety of Convenience Fee solutions are now available and fully configurable. Check out the eBIP Platform and let us give you a demo of how quickly InterPoynt can have you up and running with a modern, secure cloud based eBIP Platform

Property Management:

Collecting Rent is never an easy chore. From forgetful tenants to late payers, its all about cash flow. Using the scheduled payments and bill present feature in the InterPoynt eBIP Platform, your tenants will appreciate the time and energy you’re saving for them. Allowing scheduled payments, or in person payments on one platform is very keen component to client friendly payment opportunities. Having email and SMS reminders is a great way to help your customers pay on time and if desired with a convenience free model.


Many of our clients have very specific eBIP requests and InterPoynt has integrated and developed very robust integration capabilities with its MapPoynt solution. Our white label offering can operate in the background and perform for your clients while you get all the accolades. Call our Team and we’ll schedule a demo to walk you through the InterPoynt eBIP Platform.